Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Blue Jays Christmas Wish List

To many Blue Jays fans this off-season has been a bit of a disappointment, most likely because they have unrealistic expectations of how competitive this team actually is, or they just want to see a big shiny red name under the Blue Jays Christmas tree.  So what is actually on the Blue Jays Christmas wish list?  Well if you are already disappointed in this off-season the truth probably won't offer you much to get excited about.

1. A 9th Inning Guy

Sorry folks the Jays aren't targeting your Rafael Soriano type of closer, look for the Jays to sign an affordable closer to a one year plus option, similar to what they did with Kevin Gregg last season.  Some of the most likely names include; Octavio Dotel, Chad Qualls, John Rauch, etc.  Personally I don't see this as much of an improvement over Jason Frasor, but the bullpen needs another experienced arm and this type of signing will make the team better and potentially land some more coveted draft picks at the end of the year.  

However, you never know what closer might be left standing without a chair as the season approaches, and become willing to take a one year incentive laden contract in order to build on his value and go on the market again next year.

2. Your Future 1st Baseman

The team still has some concerns about the viability of Adam Lind becoming the Jays future first baseman, and anyone else (Encarnacion) is just a stop gap player for this year.  Therefore, if Anthopoulos can make a Brett Lawrie type deal for their 1st baseman of the future, he will do it.  I'm personally hoping this person ends up to be the currently blocked Reds prospect Yonder Alonso.

3. Another Starting Pitcher

The Jays aren't entirely comfortable with the rotation as it currently stands, yes the team has depth, but they would feel a lot better if they had some more experience in the starting rotation.  Look for the Jays ask Santa for a buy low opportunity starting pitcher with a lot of upside, preferably signed to one of Anthopoulos' famous one or two year option contracts. Someone like Jeff Francis or Chris Young may be intriguing to the team. 

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  1. Peter, I echo your thoughts on this one - all I want for Christmas is a closer (at a reasonable price)!