Thursday, October 27, 2011


Some interesting stuff out there in the baseball universe:
  • According to Baseball Think Factory, a well respected organization that produces the ZIPS projections, Jacoby Ellsbury has a 0% chance of hitting 30 or more home runs in 2012. In fact they identified that Marco Scutaro has a better chance (1%) of hitting 30 home runs. Considering that Ellsbury hit 32 this year that's quite the statement.
  • The Boston Herald believes that the Blue Jays are considering signing David Ortiz.
  • Seedlings to the Stars is very slowly counting down the Top 100 prospects in Major League Baseball, posting one well written article a day. 
  • The Baseball Bloggers Alliance has completed handing out their post season awards and Jose Bautista was named top player in the American League.  Some other noteworthy awards included:
    • Matt Kemp won the NL top player award
    • Clayton Kershaw beat out Roy Halladay as the NL's top pitcher
    • Justin Verlander was named the AL's best pitcher
  • For those who just can't get enough of Baseball Statistics, the website has up to date statistics from the Arizona Fall League. 
  • Drunk Jays Fan is providing us with daily interesting links related to the Blue Jays 
  • The Blue Jay Hunter expands on my blog post regarding whether the Blue Jays should buy or trade for franchise players.  I plan to do a follow-up blog to my original post with a much larger sample size.  
  • According to the Blue Jays had their highest ticket revenue this past season in over 18 years.  Also of note, the Blue Jays average TV audience was 507,000 viewers per telecast,  which is much higher than any other teams published viewership in the major leagues.  As a point of reference, this recent article which does not include Canadian team television ratings states that the NY Yankees have the highest average household viewership at 319,000 per game.

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