Friday, March 23, 2012

Bad Day For Pitchers

For the following three American League East pitchers it has been a really bad day, mostly because of poor, poor decisions they have made:

1. After a trampoline accident Joba Chamberlain has a bone sticking out of his ankle.
2. Bobby Jenks got arrested after deciding to get drunk, then drive an automobile, damage some property and flee the scene.
3. The normally well behaved Matt Bush got arrested after getting drunk, driving, running down a 72 year old man on a motorcycle and fleeing the scene.

Update: Add another pitcher to the list of having a bad day as Joakim Soria has opted to undergo season ending Tommy John surgery. Given the kind of day it has been, I wouldn't be surprised to hear Chris Carpenter is also done for the season, not to mention potential bad news for Ryan Madsen and Brian Wilson.


  1. Just out of curiousity, how long after you posted this was it announced that Carpenter and Madsen were out?

  2. I think it was announced the following day that Madsen was out. As for Carpenter, it was already known that he had issues, they just didn't know how much time he would miss.