Tuesday, February 1, 2011

In The News

Catching you up on everything interesting around the baseball Internet world:

1. This is an absolute must read article about the quick rise and hard fall of baseball revolutionary Voros McCracken

2. I found this little nugget from Orlando Hudson about Vernon Wells in the Orange County Register Angels Blog:
“I’m very happy for him,” second baseman Orlando Hudson said. “He deserves this. Man, I’m so happy for him. I could cry for him.
Really Orlando, playing for Toronto is that bad that you would cry out of happiness that your friend no longer has to play there? Whatever part of me that thinks it would be cool to see the O-dog in a Jays uniform again is now dead.

3. From NotGraphs Navin Vaswani points out that Chris Brown is a Jays fan. Not sure that is something to brag about?

4. Sports Illustrated evaluated teams medical staffs and states that Shawn Marcum is more likely to stay healthy in Milwaukee than Toronto

5. Drew at Ghostrunner on First takes a look at heat maps to evaluate Blue Jays pitchers. For the stat head, this site is a must follow.

6. The Bleacher Report identifies what to expect from the Jays top 5 prospects in 2011, as identified by Keith Law.

7. Another pioneer in the world of baseball statistics and the man I personally believe brought OPS into the mainstream, Rob Neyer, has worked his last day at ESPN and will now be writing here at SB Nation. Also Dave Cameron has a nice write-up on Neyer at FanGraphs.

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