Monday, February 28, 2011

Random Thoughts

It's not that I've had nothing to say in a while, unfortunately when you have two children under 3 years old, real work that gets in the way, get a really bad cold and be the best man in a wedding that gets moved up to this weekend, you tend to ignore blog writting.

So today will be nothing differen't as I just put to paper some random thoughts about the Blue Jays and Baseball:

1. Do you ever get the feeling that Rogers willingness to spend money on the Blue Jays is completely related to fans coming back? For instance on the surface when I read Paul Beeston quotes such as "We raise our revenues, we raise our expenses at the same time and our salaries. ... We should be a city that can have $140 million, $150 million in the way of salaries. We could support that, and that's the direction that we're headed." at first I think 'Wooohooo, the Jays are going to increase their payroll to $150 million!' Then I start reading between the lines and believe what he is really suggesting is that that because Boston is a similar market size to Toronto, if not a smaller market, the Jays should get similar fan support and when that happens they will spend accordingly with Boston?  What if it doesn't happen???

2. After the initial three Blue Jays spring training games it's obvious that they will have the worst offense in baseball! Wait a minute, I forgot for a second that spring training results mean nothing, in fact they may mean less than nothing. Anyone else remember thinking future hitting superstars from spring trainings past like Mike McCoy, Jason Lane, Buck Coats, Miguel Negron, etc.? In reality what we should really hope for in Spring Training is a healthy team.

3. So the fourth and fifth spot in the Blue Jays rotation is apparently down to Jessie Litsch, Marc Rzepczynski, Kyle Drabek and Jo-Jo Reyes. Maybe it would be best to start the season with Litsch and Rzepczyinski in the rotation and delay Drabek's arbitration years? Nah, I want to see Drabek now!

4. In spite of the fact that the million trade deadline hockey shows are a complete joke, I wish they had something like this in Canada for the baseball trade deadline.


  1. Regarding your fourth point, one could make the case that television baseball programs in general in Canada are a complete joke

  2. P.S. I wanna trade Drabek and Gose for Colby Rasmus!