Saturday, January 15, 2011

Around the League

1. The Kansas City Royals sign pitcher Jeff Francis to a 1 year $2 million contract. Is this possible? A good Kansas City signing?

2. Jays avoided arbitration with Carlos Villanueva by signing him to a 1 year $1.415 million deal. Not a bad price given what relievers are getting in the free agent market.

3. Pedro Martinez is weighing whether or not he will come back this year. Um, at this point I think the question is more about whether any team wants him, and definitely no one will pay him what he will want to come back.

4. Yankees sign the best player left on the market Rafael Soriano to a 3 year $35 million contract. The Yankees chose to sign Soriano because they struck out on all the players they really wanted and needed a bone to throw their fans.

5. Catcher Gregg Zaun is near a deal with the San Diego Padres. I guess Zaunabie Nation will have to wait another year at least before they can watch Zaun taking his act full time to Rogers Sportsnet.

6. The Yankees would consider trading pitcher Joba Chamberlain for a viable starter. In other breaking news the Pirates would consider signing Albert Pujols next year if he's interested in taking a similar contract to that of Lyle Overbay's this season.

7. Hardball Times ranks the top 100 fantasy starting pitchers and Roy Halladay ranks #1 (a single tear runs slowly down my cheek)

8. The Cardinals and Albert Pujols continue to talk contract extension. This may be the story of the summer if they can't get a deal done before the season.

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  1. I liked the Francis signing too. I was surprised he couldn't do better. Ah well.