Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blue Jays Prospect Links

Need your Jays prospect porn fix? Here are the latest Jays prospect rankings, overall prospect ranking lists and other sites that do a much better job covering the minor leagues than I can:

► Hardball Times 2011 top 10 Jays Prospects List

► Baseball America's 2011 top 10 Jays Prospects list

► John Sickels of Minor League Ball's top 20 Jays 2011 Prospect list

► Baseball Prospectus' 2011 Top 20 Jays prospects list

► This Week in Prospects (TWIP) Toronto Blue Jays 2011 minor league system overview and by position

► Baseball-Intellect's 2011 top 15 Jays prospects list

►'s 2010 Minor league review and players to watch in 2011

► FanGraphs, their Jays prospect list for 2011 isn't out yet, but their site is worth checking out on a regular basis

► 1 Blue Jays Way takes prospect porn to a whole new level

► Dobber's 2011 top 250 overall prospect list

► Scouting's top 461 over prospects for 2011 list

► Deep Leagues 2011 Top 100 Prospects list

► From the you've got to be kidding me department, MILB Prospects Top 2000 prospects for the 2011 season list

► Jays Journal is currently working their way down the list of top 50 Jays prospects.

► Bleacher Report's top 10 Jays prospects for 2011 list

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